pointy-clicky on gitolite

someone was looking for a gitolite equivalent "with an interface". I first told him gitolite has a great interface; it's called "vim".

Then someone else said "but it's not pointy-clicky".

I told the original guy maybe he should use an ipad ;-)

I can just imagine vi on an ipad. Definition of hell I suppose (and yes, I know for most people the hell is the vi; for me it's the ipad!)


Oh Em Geeeee!

For a long while now, I've been ranting at kids (and many adults, sadly) who type "u" for "you", "gr8" for "great", "dat" for "that" (I mean really, how much did you save there?), and so on. I sometimes ask them: does your computer come with just a phone keypad? (And some of them even understand the joke!)

But a few days ago I saw this pathetic display of illiteracy move to a new dimension.

I heard a barely-teen kid say O-M-G in speech. I mean "Oh", "Em", "Geee" -- spoken out as 3 individual letters.

To all the people who lament the demise of Hindi, Telugu, and other mother languages, may I suggest that death by disuse is more dignified than this death by misuse?


lid starts closing on Nokia coffin

When people like Miguel Icaza start praising the deal, you know it's time to say goodbye to one of your favourite (till last week) companies.


Apparently he said "the Microsoft/Nokia partnership will save Nokia and increase the relevance of Microsoft's fledgling mobile operating system."

He didn't say "saved from whom" but I presume he means Apple and Android.

Personally, I was very much looking forward to MeeGo, which was looking to be a much more full featured Linux than Android (for hackers who hate Java, Android is just an appliance).

Oh well... I guess I'll stick to my plain (not even a camera or bluetooth) cell phone, and use a laptop/netbook if I really need something smarter.

starting to become mainstream!


look at item #4 :)



There was a fire at Bombay House last night which claimed 3 lives.

Very sad.

But here's what's even more sad: someone apparently asked "I wonder if there were any records lost in the fire".

I don't think what was implied is actually true.  The sad part is that before Radia no one would even have *thought* of that when it comes to the Tatas.

Of course, with Reliance, this will never happen.  They don't even keep records I am sure ;-)