(criminal) No ethics? No surprise...!

Good business plan: get on an international committee (in this case the IPv6 committee), steal ideas, patent them, then -- when the technology starts to become a standard -- tell large users you have a patent on it.

Microsoft criticised for IP address configuration patent - ZDNet UK News

These include documents from the IPv6 committee of the IETF, known as RFCs. The Microsoft employees named as the inventors of the patent were on the IPv6 committee, according to Ravicher.


(MBA) Brain Drain -- version 2.0

A long time ago, people used to go to the US for a few simple reasons: better lifestyle, more prestige, and more money to be made. This used to be called "brain drain".


(WTF,funny) at the end of the day...

The Most Annoying Workplace Clich├ęs - LANGUAGE - CIO Magazine Feb 15,2005

Of course, at the end of the day, no one who uses these phrases visits my blog anyway, so this is just an inside joke :-)