The nice thing about people who watch soaps is that you no longer have
to worry about what they think of you or anything you do or say.


(funny) why they don't annoy me...

A recent gallery article on TechRepublic called the 10 most annoying programs on the Internet, talked about how annoying most software is. It's a very funny article (some excerpts below), but surprisingly, except Flash, none of those annoyances affect me at all, because I use free alternatives!

Read it for the funny comments (especially the one on Java)...!


(wow) distributed bug tracking


Very lucid and readable article, as usual, from Jon Corbet, LWN editor.
Lots of food for thought in there...


(FOSS) why do people still take the GPL so casually?


Their actual GPL violation was, to my mind, quite small and not worth all this fight -- it would have been far cheaper for them to do that one extra thing that the GPL demanded, since they were doing most of it already.

But for some unknown reason they decided to dig their heels in! The moron who was arguing for them even tried to say that the GPL violates anti-trust laws!

There is a saying I often use: never ascribe to malice what can be explained by stupidity.

So, how stupid do you have to be to accuse the GPL of the kind of stuff that only entities like AT&T and IBM (in the old days) and Microsoft (recently) have been convicted of?

Or is it perhaps malice this time, not stupidity?


excellent article on reiser's conviction

Some of you may know that Hans Reiser, creator and lead developer of the
ReiserFS file system, has recently been convicted of murdering his
estranged wife. Publications like Wired went into CNN mode, treating it
as a scandal and playing on the human interest angle, and I believe
there are others playing up FUD-dy angles and demeaning open source itself.

Here then, is the absolute best article on the subject, for anyone who
cares about the **technical** impact of this conviction.