hilarious... CIP (Ch* in progress)


quote (but read the whole thing on the original page, it's great stuff!):

Mumbai. Mr. Murali Chetankar, 29, an MBA from a top tier management institute of India has created a stir around the world. He has invented an all encompassing TLA (Three Letter Acronym or Three Letter Abbreviation), which can be used to describe the work that management graduates do. The acronym – CIP (Ch*tiyaps in Progress) is now universally accepted and understood. Oxford is planning to debate, discuss and include this TLA in its dictionary in the next revision. This is probably the first engineered Indian word to be included in the Oxford Dictionary.

The story of how this was invented is fascinating. Murali was perturbed by the frequent probing of his engineering college classmates as to what work he was doing post his MBA.  Frustrated by the repeated questions like 'Wazzup' and 'Whats happening', Murali decided to take the road less travelled and discover a word to explain what work he did. After much deliberation he realized that all he did for the last 3-4 years was nothing but Ch*tiyaps. In a fit of rage he updated his GMail status to "CIP – Ch*tiyaps in Progress".


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A previous blog post of mine was about the above link... well lets just say it was very frank :-)

After 2 people (including one person on #git I have a lot of respect for) seemed to not like it, I took it down.

However, since this blog is as much a sort of "historical bookmarking device for Sitaram", I need that link in there, so here it is.

You, my gentle reader, can draw your own conclusions.


some things in life...

- a brand new Yamaha Fazer for your son: Rs 81,000
- driving classes and test for son: Rs 4000
- 2 tickets to New Moon: Rs 300
- taking your pre-teen daughter on a snazzy "young man's" bike to a
crap movie and having her say "dad I owe you bigtime": priceless



greedy licensing comes home to roost

quote from http://www.gnome.org/~michael/blog/2009-12-14.html

Boggled at Monty.

  • Yes - of course it is a lamers business model to have a restrictive license, coupled with copyright assignment, and dominance by a single company. Yes, of course it leads to strangulation of the community, and perpetuated dominance of a single player.
  • That this realisation appears to only have occured to Monty now he is trying to make a company fly on the other side of the very wall he himself built, smells pretty suspicious to me


was COBOL this bad?

...maybe it never had the opportunity.

But the COBOL of the Internet (tm) seems to be...


Google is forking existing FOSS code bits for Chromium like a rabbit
makes babies: frequently, and usually, without much thought. Rather
than leverage the existing APIs from upstream projects like icu,
libjingle, and sqlite (just to name a few), they simply fork a point
in time of that code and hack their API to shreds for chromium to use.
This is akin to much of the Java methodology, which I can sum up as
'I'd like to use this third-party code, but my application is too
special to use it as is, so I covered it with Bedazzler Jewels and
Neon Underlighting, then bury my blinged out copy in my application.'.
A fair amount of the upstream Chromium devs seem to have Java
backgrounds, which may explain this behavior, but it does not excuse
it. This behavior should be a last resort, not a first instinct.

and http://lwn.net/Articles/365445/ is even nicer...


malware in Linux?

in a sudden spurt of SNR on /., I found *one* topic with *three* informative comments on this topic...


In addition, this gem landed up somewhere (couldn't find the comment now but it's in there somewhere: "bad analogies are like waxing a monkey with a rainbow"