(USA) travelling in the "land of the free"

57-yr old grandmother and principal of a middle school is put on a ter orist watchlist for carrying a sandwich knife

komo news | 'This Is Not Right'

"This is not the way my country should be treating me," she said. My concern is that if that's the way they're treating American citizens I would hate to think how they're treating other people. It's crazy."

As someone who has a few friends and relatives still stuck in the time warp of thinking the US is "the place to be", I do get a little worried. Not always -- only when I think about it :-(


(FOSS) Nokia announces open source based browser


Nokia develops a new browser for Series 60 by using open source software

If you consider that more mobile devices are being shipped than PCs, and mobile devices are quickly taking over many PC roles, and Nokia is (at least one of) the biggest brands in this space, this is awesome news...

Many sites which do not currently work without the accursed IE may be forced by market pressure to be more standards-compliant, because high-end customers with high-end Nokia devices using a standards-compliant browser will be unable to access them, and will complain! (Well the clueless ones will complain to Nokia first, but hopefully there will be enough clueful ones to set the balance right :-)