(criminal) FATuous patents

Microsoft offshores patent war

"The explosion of patent filing activity at Microsoft doesn't necessarily indicate an explosion of creativity; and many may be even more fatuous than the FAT patent. For example today (thanks TheoDP) Microsoft has applied to patent the IS NOT operator."

Is there a legal limit to their silliness?


(USA,politics,India) Made in India!

Techaos: Indian EVM compared with Diebold [skip the first few paragraphs if you like]

"Now if only Diebold could learn something from our Indian friends."


(malware,funny) for daytime TV/soap opera weenies

I suppose this is the way to package important information for the unwashed masses :-) It's funny if you're in the right mood, otherwise it sounds pathetic.

"Dear IE, I'm leaving you for good"

"I just can't continue with this relationship any longer. I know you say you'll fix things, that next time it'll go better--but that's what you said the last time--and the time before that. Each time I believed you."


(PHB,MBA,funny) Linux kernel management style

LWN: Linus on kernel management style

"First off, I'd suggest buying "Seven Habits of Highly Successful People", and NOT read it. Burn it, it's a great symbolic gesture."

And after a start like that, what else do you expect from one of my 2 "Gods"?


world's fastest supercomputer!

SGI - Press Releases: NASA's Columbia Supercomputer is World's Fastest

someone commenting on the slashdot article at http://science.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=04/10/27/0147206 :

"Am I really supposed to believe that an OS started by a Finnish university student a decade ago and designed to run on a 386, is now running the most powerful computer ever built? I mean, come on!"


(FOSS) all this, and world peace too?

Honestly, are there any limits to how good this open source thing is? :-)

OpenOffice.org development boosted by Arab-Israeli collaboration

"Similarities between the Arabic and Hebrew languages have enabled groups of Israeli and Arab developers to assist each other in solving common problems developing local versions of OpenOffice.org software."

[For those who may not know, OpenOffice.org is the open source version of Sun's StarOffice, which together aim to unseat the major cause of Microsoft's stranglehold on us!]