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Techaos: Indian EVM compared with Diebold [skip the first few paragraphs if you like]

"Now if only Diebold could learn something from our Indian friends."

This is a very nice technical comparision of the electronic voting systems used in India and in the US -- it's not a high-profile site; in fact it is someone's personal blog, but the facts stand for themselves and can be verified independantly, so I suppose that's OK:

"Reading this article, some of you might remember that Cold war era joke, about NASA and its multi million dollar experiment with a pen that can write in micro gravity to solve the writing problems of astronauts, and the Russian solution of using a Pencil to solve the same problem."

There is also a nice paper on "Are Usability & Security Opposites in Computing?" at http://rozinov.sfs.poly.edu/papers/security_vs_usability.pdf

"Can the two continue growing together? We believe they can, as evident by the most recent Indian Assembly Election."

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