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Ovulation versus cretinism

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If you know the background you can get the pun in the title, as well as enjoy the actual joke much better.


Very briefly, Creationists believe that man was created exactly so -- that is, we started out as and have always been precisely "Man, version 1.0". Evolutionists believe that man evolved from apes etc., so we're actually "ape version 2375.3.54" or maybe even "primordial bacteria, version 2874683724.28374.432" :-)

Now the science part is by no means a done deal, and scientists constantly revise their theory as new facts come to light, which is how a scientific mind should work.

The creationists, on the contrary, being quite religious, are by definition fundamentalist. (Have you ever met a "religion nut" who is not a fundamentalist? I have not!) These fundamentalists have made it mandatory in the so-called bible belt states in the US (Kansas is a good example) that warnings labels saying "evolution is only a theory, not fact" must be pasted on text books describing evolution, and insist that alternate theories (such as their own fundamentalist -- err I mean creationist ones!) must also be taught.

The joke lampoons the kind of arguments that the creationists have been known to put out in their own defense :-)

You might think from all this that I am an atheist and against religion. I'm not, and I'm not. I'm only against organised religion, which in my opinion is only slightly better than organised crime. Religion and God are concepts that I believe we should deal with inside our minds, not discuss and debate. Rather like meditating silently versus holding an all-night bhajan with 6 loud-speakers and paid singers, like the so-called "Vishal Bhagvati Jagrans" in Delhi!

That is why, in any non-private forum, I declare that my religion is "Perl and Linux", and my Gods are Larry and Linus. Now that's worth a few loudspeakers :-)

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