(funny,quotes) Why I (still) cant stand Emacs :-)

...and probably never will.

An old tagline comes to mind: Emacs is my operating system, Linux is my device driver!

Anyway, here's a very nice article from my favourite Linux site, with some quotes below. The author, Jon Corbet (editor of LWN) is well known for his dry humour as well as his objectivity. Few people who profess to use emacs as much as he does would make the kind of digs that he has taken in this article!


Some funny (and some not so funny) quotes, with occasional comments from me in square brackets:

The addition of an IRC client would have been useful, but this is Emacs, so they added two different ones.
The wrong key sequence can occasionally lead to hallucinogenic results, to the point that there is a special command ("view-lossage") to answer those "how the hell did I make it do that?" questions.
Even some relatively trivial customizations require typing in Lisp code, which, for some strange reason, not everybody wants to learn how to do. [well Duh!]
There is also an entire branch in the physical therapy field dedicated to the treatment of little-finger injuries caused by excessive Emacs use.
There is a new "calc" mode which is truly scary in the things it can do. [I don't even want to know what that means...]
There is a built-in spreadsheet with all the usual features and some unusual ones - like the ability to enter cell formulas in Lisp.
[A spreadsheet inside a text editor? What's next, a flight simulator?]
The current NEWS file gives a lengthy overview of the changes - though somehow it omits the important addition of a Tetris game.
And vi simply lacks a number of more advanced features; it was never meant to contain mail clients, RSS readers, calendars, or psychoanalysis programs.
[the last one I can answer: using vi will not drive you insane, so no psychoanalysis is needed!]
Emacs is an interactive user interface development environment which happens to be very good at editing text.
[aaah -- I get it. The Lotus Notes of text editors :-)]

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