How to piss off a teenage son...

well actually, "he started it" :-)

By constantly fighting with a girl who is half his age, his sister!

I finally got tired of it.  And decided if he wants to act like a little girl, I will treat him like one.

No more LOTR.  No more Star Wars.  No more Harry Potter.  No more cricket.  Manchester United? -- dream on!

So I rigged up squid (the proxy server that all his web accesses are forced to use) so that any accesses to his favourite sites (espnstar, cricinfo, jkrowling, etc) are immediately redirected to barbie, barney, sesame street, etc.

You should have seen his face, says my wife!


Chaitanya said...

Am I not glad, I don't have a geek for a father!

Radha said...

hilarious, but only for parents. i can already see youngsters squirming if told this :-D

couple of more years, and i would need squid myself