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Money talks indeed.

You can always tell the techie-turned-CEO -- they'll look human, and they'll have this passion and fire and lose-my-cool-if-you-provoke-me-enough attitude. In contrast, the typical manager-turned-CEO looks soulless in comparison. The best they can do is dance like a monkey... but I suppose they're still evolving so we will have to wait :-)


A personal note: Francois Bancillhon has a PhD in Object Relational Databases (IIRC), and was CEO of a small but very techie OODB company called O2, which was acquired by the company I worked for in days long past. So technically we were colleagues for a few years, and one of his top techies (hi TC, if you ever read this!) and I were quite pally during my Denver days. Of course, this has nothing to do with my Mandriva loyalty -- I started using Mandrake long before Francois became the CEO.


PS: to people who read the "Why ubuntu" post recently: despite intending to, I did not switch from Mandriva to Kubuntu on my work machine, and I now see no reason to do so. The reasons are here: http://lwn.net/Articles/256038/

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