Comparision between EEE, OLPC, and Classmate

from http://reviews.zdnet.co.uk/hardware/notebooks/0,1000000333,39359143,00.htm warning: one photo per page, too many mouse clicks needed, and JS needed

Just from the size aspect, which is after all the whole point here, the EEE wins hands down over the other two. But here're some more details:

  • EEE is the smallest of the lot
  • EEE is the only one with a VGA connector (yeay!!!)
  • EEE comes with 512 MB RAM (as opposed to 256 on the other 2)
  • EEE has the largest keyboard, even though it is the smallest of the 3.
    • God is actually talking to me here and telling me which to buy :-)
  • OLPC has the largest and best screen (as if this was news!)
  • OLPC doesn't have a fan (hopefully the EEE will follow suit soon)
  • my wife would love the OLPC keyboard (feels like popping bubble wrap, apparently!)
  • Classmate looks like the pregnant mother of the other two!
    • and the EEE is soooo slim – always loved the slim ones :-)
    • see comment at the start!
  • Classmate is very hard to get into (motherboard)

[Update: just heard that Asus has announced a version with a larger screen (9 inches, 1024x600 instead of 800x480 – the horizontal size is what really matters by the way) in almost the same size body (only a 0.1 inch increase in the size of the body!) So that's the one to go for. The trouble is, by the time that comes to India, there'll be an even better one announced. WHEN DO I BUY THE DAMN THING???????]

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radha said...

whoa - you seem to be very interested in this genus :-)! i never noticed, to the point that i had to go the link to understand what you were talking about in your post! :-D.

i get an idea you are rooting for EEE. any particular reason? and how's God talking to you..??!?

and what's the big hurry. did you lose your computer.?

- radha