(criminal,malware) hitting people below the belt

...from a company which is pretty famous for such behavior anyway.

I did not realise that the borg had stooped to vilifying IIT Mumbai and similar organisations and their employees/representatives in their mala-fide efforts to get OOXML ratified as an ISO standard. The fact that they tried to paint it as being in India's best interests is fine, but they seem to have well and truly crossed the line into saying that anyone who opposes it is therefore anti-India !!!!

The opening para of his open letter is itself pretty damning, and this long, (albeit sometimes a little dramatic), letter deserves wide dissemination among our peer groups.

With reference to the recent happenings in connection with the ISO standardization process of OOXML, actions by or on behalf of Microsoft have caused me deep pain and hurt. Apart from the personal anguish, these actions have tarnished the name of my Institute along with that of several other organizations represented on our committee. In my opinion, these actions go well beyond the behavioral boundaries for a commercial entity. some of these amount to interference with the governance process of a sovereign country. Luckily, wiser and experienced people are in-charge of governance of the nation. However, as a humble teacher and a proud Indian, I wish to register a strong and visible protest.


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