(social malware) Fwd: Birthday request

On Wed, Jan 7, 2009 at 2:32 PM, <deleted> <do_not_reply@perfspot.com> wrote:
> I'm using a new service to keep track of the birthdays for my friends and
> family. Please click the link and enter your birthday for me.
> http://perfspot.com/b.asp?e=sitaramc%40gmail%2Ecom
> Thanks for your help.
> <deleted>

As a security guy, my first thought is that this is probably a scam to get lots of people's birthdays. Even if it is not *created* as a scam, all it takes is for someone to hack into their servers and get all that data.

Do you know that, in the US at least, I can get a credit card in your name by knowing only
- your full name
- your DOB
- and your SSN?

OK, we in India are a little behind, but not that far off, and the awareness is much less.

So, sorry -- even if you *know* my birthday, please do not put it on any online service to "remind you" of it.

I will not feel bad that you did not wish me, I promise :-)

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