(funny, malware) Chinese Pirates Launch Ubuntu That Looks Like XP

via Seen On Slash - Funny by speculatrix on 1/1/10

Original post:

"Ylmf, famous for pirating Windows XP, have just released a version of Ubuntu that looks just like Windows XP. Really, really similar. Apparently because Microsoft were cracking down on the actual Windows XP pirating — though I think they will still suffer for ripping off the GUI exactly."


by ozmanjusri (601766)

Just add a cron script that has a 5% chance to reboot the system every half hour, and you're there! :P

Not quite.

You'd need to find some way of slowing down file transfers too, add an a few dozen random "utilities" to the systray, set it to check in with Ylmf every few weeks and nag you about it, run another dozen or so malware and anti-malware apps in the background to eat some extra RAM and cpu cycles, send all your financial details off to the Russian mafia, deduct $90+ from your bank account for every app you've installed and lock itself so only 3 themes work.

That'd be a bit closer to the Windows Genuine Advantage experience...

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