fixups on an existing commit using tig and the new autosquash option on rebase

This shows how to use tig and the new option in rebase to do fixups very quickly.

What you need first is this line in your ~/.gitconfig:

# fixup, from http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git/154460
fixup = "!f() { git commit -m\"fixup! $(git log -1 --pretty=%s $1)\"; }; f"

and these lines in your ~/.tigrc:

bind main = !git fixup %(commit)
bind main R !git rebase --autosquash -i %(commit)
bind generic s view-status

We need to make a quick change in conf/example.gitolite.rc. We first make the
change, then start tig

type 's' for status view, then cursor down to the file that you just changed

type 'u' to stage that file

type 'q' to quit status view and go back to main view; cursor down to the
commit you want to "fixup"

hit enter to make sure it is the right one; it is... the filelist confirms it

hit 'q' to get rid of the commit details, then '=' to invoke the "git fixup"

Notice the commit message?

hit enter to get past that commit confirmation message, then arrow down 1 line

hit "R" to rebase with respect to the selected commit

save and exit the editor

hit enter to see the new commits

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offby1 said...

Hey! Thanks for writing this up; I'll try it.