bikeshedding the twittube!


Lovely humour from a lady I'm starting to admire as much as JR (that's Joanna Rutkowska, not the zero-EQ JKR of Harry Potter fame).

There's no need to click the link unless you're a file systems maven though... the funny parts are right here:

----- quote -----

This series is the core mount and lookup infrastructure from union mounts, split up into small, easily digestible, bikeshed-friendly pieces.  All of the (non-documentation, non-whitespace) patches in this series are less than 140 lines long.  It's like Twitter for kernel patches.

VFS developers should be able to review each of these patches in 3 minutes or less.  If it takes you longer, email me and I'll post a video on YouTube making fun of you.

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offby1 said...

It did make me snort.