Gosling: Oracle is ethically challenged, micro-managed, and creepy

Why I Quit "Creepy" Oracle: The Father Of Java James Gosling Speaks
Out -- http://www.eweekeurope.co.uk/interview/why-i-quit-oracle-the-father-of-java-james-gosling-speaks-out-9995/print

Quite a few hard hitting comments on the new villain for the open
source crowd (as if we needed another!).

Well at least he did it after leaving, unlike my old boss, who ranted
against his (then) employer (and my current employer) to a reporter
even *before* he had left -- talk about ethically challenged!

But while it's perfectly fine to talk about Oracle being "ethically
challenged" and "micro-managed", it just doesn't seem proper for a
senior person to talk about salary etc., or to say that the CEO "gives
me the creeps" to the press.

A friend of mine who reads a lot more than I do mentioned that this
was in line with any of Gosling's past writings that he had read --
nothing to learn, nothing to take away -- unlike people like Larry
Wall or Guido van Rossum, where you almost always learn something new
or get a new perspective on something old, etc. (We're talking about
"learn" in the academic sense here, not "I learned that Ellison is a
creep, so isn't that learning?")

And finally, I have to say this. I'm not a big fan of Gosling anyway.
I hate Java -- I call it the "COBOL of the internet", and I think it
has done a lot to remove any fun that programming could have had for
lots and lots of people, and made it a bloody chore. Comments like
this would have had a lot more weight for me if they had come from
Larry or Guido, but they're not the kind to stoop to this, I suspect,
even if they were in that situation.

And even if he felt compelled to, I bet Larry would say it with a heck
of a lot more humour and panache :-)

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