with friends like these, who needs enemies? [Gates and Allen]


Interesting article. The title is "Bill Gates tried to rip me off",
which sounds, to people who are taken in by Gates' so-called charity
work and his persona, like it might be a severe case of journalistic

However, to people who long ago realised that he's probably the most
unethical, even borderline criminal (white collar only, so far as the
public knows) individual they've ever heard of, the following quotes
from the article will not come as a surprise:

- "scheming to rip me off"
- "I'd been taught that a deal was a deal and your word was your
bond. Bill was more flexible; he felt free to renegotiate agreements
until they were signed and sealed."
- overheard Gates and Ballmer complaining about his declining
contribution to the company during his cancer treatment in 1982
- "...It was mercenary opportunism, plain and simple."

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