do you still want an Apple ipod/ipad/iphone?

Here's a completely different take on the issue than my normal "freedom" rant:


And by the way, this is not new. The suicides were reported months
ago. The response from the guilty parties is what is new.

And this is not the first time something like this has been found
about US companies either. I think the most famous such scandal
involved Nike, in 97 or so.

And I'm not saying Apple is the only guilty party -- I'm sure there
are many others. However, with the amount of customer mindshare Apple
has, it ought to be leading the way in preventing this sort of abuse.
It ought to be caring about ethics and morality, not just legality.

But I don't think it will -- most corporations have a "duty" to not
care about anything except making money, actually. And they made a
lot of it -- 14 billion dollars PROFIT, (after taxes) last year!

Now you have to think: do I want to help them make more?

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