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I posted my comments on veracity there because a lot *more* of my gitolite/git contacts are there.


meta comment on blogs and g+: at some point we'll have to choose one; we can't update both.  I'd love to move to G+ for my blogging also, but it doesn't have a search box anywhere that I can see.  I depend on that a lot to find stuff I wrote about long ago, and without that I can't really make it the main outlet for my random typing!


Phani said...

HTH in cross posting from Google plus to blogger or blogspot.com automatically?


sitaramc said...


I already post to blogspot using that email method, and I already thought of doing this.

But comments and audience will still get split between 2 mediums.

It makes more sense to send blogger only a link, because G+ seems to attract more eyeballs and thus comments, but I'm still vacillating