IE users stupid?


quote: "The comparison clearly suggests that more people on the higher side of IQ scale have moved away from Internet Explorer in the last 5 years," AptiQuant concludes.

I wish this were actually true, but sadly, it isn't very likely to be.  I call bullshit.

I do believe most IE users are seriously lacking **in information technology skills**, but even in my worst anti-MS rant I have never equated that with stupidity as a general trait.

My doctor uses IE.  My accountant uses IE.  99% of TCS' senior management probably uses it simply because it is the damn default and *they* didn't feel there was anything wrong with it.

In fact, I am coming to the opposite conclusion.  I suspect that most IE users are of the kind (see previous para) who would not even *bother* to visit an IQ measurement site.  And I am saddened that among Chrome/Opera/FF users, the more intelligent ones actually have the time to waste on trivial pursuits like "gee I wonder what's my IQ" (here's a hint: if you care, it's not high enough!)

And that doesn't mean IE is somehow being credited here.  It just happens to be the "incumbent", as they say in politics.

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Dipti said...

Very true - If you care it's not high enough.