git for computer scientists -- my version


It's quite similar to the original, classic version, but extends the
whole thing to explain detached HEAD, and the difference between reset
and checkout


Unknown said...

Nice work! It earned a bookmark from me.

But the title is misleading. My bookmark description reads He calls it "git for computer scientists" but it is actually a pretty practical no-nonsense, no verbage, intro do higher level it concepts.

It's none of my business, but are you actually a he? "Sitaram" is a strangely ambiguous name to my mythologically challenged ears.

sitaramc said...

The title of the page comes from a much more popular, older, page of the same name, on which this is modelled. The "CS" part is just that it is, technically, a "directed acyclic graph".

As for me, yes I am a male. It's not too rare to find such names in India