moved to google+

Update 2015-08-14: well it had to happen again... I am probably going to start using blogger again, at least when I want to post code snippets.  G+ sucks for that kind of thing...


Well it had to happen someday. I referred to it obliquely in
http://sitaramc.blogspot.com/2011/07/veracity.html but at that time I
did not expect to actually stop using blogspot.
There are in fact some advantages blogspot has. The blog-specific
search is one thing (G+ will search the whole world so you have to add
your name or something to make it focus on your "stream" or whatever
the heck they call it).
The URL itself is a big turnoff in G+. Compare blogspot's
http://sitaramc.blogspot.com/2011/07/veracity.html to G+'s
In fact the only reason I'm moving there is because my online world
has now pretty much reduced to git, gitolite, and related areas. And
most of those people are on G+. I reach, and am reached by, so many
more people there, it's an enormous difference from blogspot.

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Radha said...

I experimented with Google+, but my first-look opinion was it did forced every photo/content to be available to everybody accessing your G+, or something like that. Been some months, so have to check it again. Does it allow a blog like structure?

Of course, now I find that our Amex environment does not allow G+ in our environment (ie, on my laptop that goes home too). So effectively I'll need to login from my home computer to use it, just like FB or my personal emails.

Real pain. This (restrictions of all sorts in the way I work) might become the main (only) reason I quit Amex.

I hope I can still keep up with your posts.