better than gmail? well not yet...

Oddpost and Yahoo!

"On the contrary: our technology will flourish like a palm tree and/or IT professional's waistline in Silicon Valley."

Don't you just love the tone of these guys? Their sense of humour is amazing -- just browse around on their site to see more.

Oddpost is apparently a web-based email client that has a small but devoted userbase, even though it was $30/year. It appears to have been bought by Yahoo! now, and Oddpost's announcement of this is linked above.

Looks like only a matter of time before the oddpost UI becomes the UI for Yahoo! Mail. Gmail will have competition, but only if Yahoo! manages to make this UI work across all browsers, not just IE (currently oddpost works on IE only)

Oddpost came to my notice via a slashdot thread on web based email clients. I saw a couple of screenshots and they looked great.

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