(FOSS,life) when it's cool to like China!

I know India and China have been traditional adversaries, but this article evoked some (grudging?) respect from me.

wait, don't go away... this is not about Linux, even though that is how the article came to my attention! Read the article, and you will see...

Linux News: Commentary: China's Love of Linux Has Roots in Ancient Past

"If Alford is right, the real reason why the Chinese government and software industry are so supportive of Linux could be because Linux is, instinctively, much more in tune with ancient Chinese philosophy."

China hasn't been a model "world citizen" in many respects, and although I don't care much for politics, I can't but dislike such systems of governments.

But it seems to me, after reading the above article, that a common mistake most people (including myself, of course) make must surely be that of judging a people by the actions of their governments!

Even if you are not in the IT industry, or don't care two hoots about open source, you may still find that you enjoy the basic premise of this article, and -- for people who are not habitually cynical, who knows, it may even give you some warm fuzzies!

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