Corporations and ethics -- Intel's attempt to screw OLPC

The NY Times has all the gory details at http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/05/technology/05laptop.html?em&ex=1199854800&en=a7aaaf2c3e2c9dbb&ei=5087%0A

From http://hardware.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=407434&cid=21931684 :

Intel was acting competitively before they joined the OLPC foundation in July of last year. After that time they continued to do so, only now they had access to a lot more information about XO potential buyers. Their behavior was despicable and only further enforces my decision long ago to buy AMD processors exclusively.

Adding insult to injury, Intel holds a press conference call announcing the decision to split, without informing the OLPC board. Read through the stories from last Thursday. The olpc foundation had no response because they were shocked.

They recovered nicely in my view with this official response.

And here is an absolute doozy from that official response from OLPC:
"As we said in the past, we view the children as a mission; Intel views them as a market"

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Anonymous said...

Update: I finally bought an Intel CPU and motherboard, in deference to the fact that their commitment to open source drivers for graphics cards was the best. All the AMD-based motherboards seemed to have NVidia (why not at least ATI???), and buying NVidia seems like a bigger sin to me!