what are they all mourning?

I find it hard to digest all this mourning for Michael Jackson.  The "King of Pop" with the pulse-pounding beats and act died long ago; the person who died on Friday was no more than a shadow of his former self, and a dark, dangerous, shadow at that.  Mentally unstable, physically ravaged, and accused of probably the worst sort of crimes that a parent can imagine, I am so happy that my two children hardly know who he is.

Humans tend to hang on to their idols long after the idols have been found wanting.  Until we stop doing that, celebrities will continue to get away with murder, at least figuratively, if not literally.

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Rads said...

i agree - 'a great loss to the music industry' is a bit of a stretch. not because he did not create great music (he did), or even because of his personality (irrelevant here), but because he was done creating his music years ago. all that we want to hear (and see) from him in the realm of music is already with us. and seeing that his recent interaction with the world purely bizarre, no loss there.

but he did have a great musical talent, and a punishing style of dance (and i am not yet referring to that crotch grab ;-))!