who's to blame?


interesting story.  I don't know how many readers I have (or still have, after that article on MBAs and ethics ;-) but I'm torn as to whom to blame for this.



Rads said...

scary story, particularly the ending. i hope that was fiction.

do you blame somebody for being stupid about technology? or pity them that they believed the myth that setting up a website and running a business is just childs-play? 40-60 for me.

do you blame an sql-developer for executing a real show-stopping sql statement?
or do you excuse him/her for a wrong query just once? 75-25 for me (i used to be in that role once, so have less sympathy here.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it was fiction. The Daily WTF does not do fiction, although nothing prevents someone from sending something bizarre and claiming it happened I guess