(criminal) get paid for screwing up

wow... I must have been asleep under a rock these last few days.  I did not know this till today:


Apparently an attack by the Conficker worm has cost the Manchester Council in England around £1.5 million - and Microsoft experts were among the consultants called in and paid some of that swag.

Nice job, guys.  Great business model.

Oh and for people who think this is not MS's fault, follow at least this link in the article... (ignore the comments, they're mostly crap.  Even in the article, there are only facts or questions, so you can certainly draw your own conclusions, don't go by his).

And what really, really, REALLY, pisses me off is that no mainstream news media reporting this will use the words "Microsoft" or "Windows" when describing the problem, leaving ordinary (non-IT) folks with the impression that this happens to all "computers".  Other people far more qualified than I have also noticed and ranted about this, but it makes no difference.  Damn...

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Rads said...

like the tone of that article (actually, both articles) - direct and to the point. it's a pity that with all it's money and size ms is nicely positioned to impose its 'profit-strategy' at will. wonder why there aren't any major lawsuits...