Pinching myself and checking what year it is...

So I got an invite to join some call from a vendor trying to sell us something (I can't name names, and in this case they're irrelevant). They chose to send us an invite which included this:


So I go there, and I see:

To join the Meeting, please use one of the following supported operating systems:
• Windows® 2000, XP Pro, XP Home, 2003 Server, Vista
• Mac OS® X, Panther® 10.3.9, Tiger™ 10.4.5 or higher

OK, I've seen this sort of crap before, and can often get around it using UA switcher or something, so I try that next.

Guess what? They want you to download and install an actual EXE!

So now this is like a flashback to at least 4 years ago. I hope webex, which now works pretty damn well inside FF on Linux, is eating their lunch!

Anyway, after a bit of searching I found a "support" url with a feedback form of some sort, so I sent them this:

I was supposed to join a call starting shortly, and find I cannot, because you don't support Linux. How quaint...

Well it's 8:30pm in India, where I am, so thanks for letting me off the hook on that call and really enjoying dinner with my family.


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