...too late

OK, I'm ready.  Let's go.

No.  You forgot something.


Your smile :)


She was almost always in a temper at her brothers and parents.  I was 16 or 17, the same age as her younger brothers.  But I had two things going for me: I was sane enough to have a conversation with, and I was a cousin who just visited once in a while.

So I could risk her wrath, and say something cheeky or funny.  I could make her smile :)


I never did try and catch up with that smile in later years, even after I moved back to India and to the same city where she lived.  I just never bothered.  I can't explain why.

And now it's too late.


And I realised something today.  I tear up too easily.


Rads said...
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Rads said...

whoa - that's some emotion there...

sorry about the loss; there's no way to lessen the 'too late' feeling that I know of; I've been there, and can only feel for you.

may you find peace, and have compassion for yourself.