best rant against C++ I've ever seen


I don't even know enough to summarise!

[edited to add a link to an excellent rant by Linus on C++ :-)


offby1 said...

Liked 'em both.

Vishy Iyer said...

I liked this one better

Anonymous said...


Here's what I've learnt about how to deal with Linus' rants:

- laugh at the funny bits. The more acerbic and abrasive they are, the more I laugh. Since laughter is good for health, Linus directly contributes to my health and well-being :-)

- pull objective criticism out of the verbiage. If it's in a domain where I myself have no experience (as in this case), take it as true. The man's been there, done that, and so on.

In short, any criticism of Linus' rant on anything that focuses on the funny stuff, without also being funny, comes across as pathetic. And it's ok if you don't agree; this is subjective opinion :)

Specific to C++, it doesn't help that one of my colleagues, someone who's really really techie and whose opinion I really trust, also feels it's not worth using for any serious project.