Oh Em Geeeee!

For a long while now, I've been ranting at kids (and many adults, sadly) who type "u" for "you", "gr8" for "great", "dat" for "that" (I mean really, how much did you save there?), and so on. I sometimes ask them: does your computer come with just a phone keypad? (And some of them even understand the joke!)

But a few days ago I saw this pathetic display of illiteracy move to a new dimension.

I heard a barely-teen kid say O-M-G in speech. I mean "Oh", "Em", "Geee" -- spoken out as 3 individual letters.

To all the people who lament the demise of Hindi, Telugu, and other mother languages, may I suggest that death by disuse is more dignified than this death by misuse?


Rajesh Raheja said...

El Oh El
but seriously, death by disuse is still lamentable.

Vishy Iyer said...

This was hilarious!! This inspires me to tell my managers to be explicit and atleast contribute a little more than "Eff Why Eye" !! Ha ha.