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Google Suggest Dissected...

No one who has ever used gmail would think of competing against the google guys' JS skills, but it seems there's stuff to learn for people who thought they knew pretty much everything already:

Google Suggest returns suggested results as you type... This is technically amazing on about at least two different levels:

  1. How fast this is... I type pretty fast, and it updates with every single keypress...
  2. The cool web interface... I used to be pro-server side web updates, and avoiding javascript, but I'm really turning around on this with the impressive interfaces I've seen with gmail, and now google suggest (among others...)

"You can turn the browsers autocomplete off by adding autocomplete="off" attribute to an input field... How did I not know this before..."

All in all, a great article. If I was a JS freak I'd have lapped it all up, but the coolness factor is there, so it gets blogged :-)

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