Bug #1 in Ubuntu

Been playing with Ubuntu (well Kubuntu -- the KDE version) a little over the last few weeks.  Learned a lot, pretty nice stuff there.

I started with Linux in 95 with Yggdrasil (*), very briefly, then a year or so of slackware, then RH till 98.  I switched from RH to Mandrake in 99 for one and only one reason: Mandrake made it much easier to evangelise Linux to the non-geeks.  And now, I think I finally found something to beat Mandrake, so I have been thinking of gradually switching all my desktop systems (as and when time permits).  I still love Mandriva -- 9 years is a long time, so this was not an easy decision.

The decider came when I found "bug #1 in Ubuntu", which, sadly, has STILL not been fixed.


Now how could I resist that one?



(*) yes, you kids wouldn't have heard of it; it's older than Slackware, I think, and actually when I started it was almost defunct!

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