(PHB^1000) Fox News hires Carly Fiorina, ex-chief of HP - International Herald Tribune


I always hated this woman. I had good friends at HP as well as at
Tandem, which eventually became part of HP, but even if I didn't, I
would still have hated her for what she did to such a great company.

As some of the comments on slashdot said:

- "I hope she brings [to] Fox the same integrity and good business
sense that she brought to HP"

- "And Lucent. Let's never forget the fine job she did there. It's an
astounding accomplishment to drive two of the world's premier
engineering organizations into the ground within a decade. Truly Fox

Too bad she's only going as a "contributor". I would have loved to see
her as CEO of Fox -- would have been a match made in heaven.

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