(wow,security) Schneier on Security: Security by Letterhead


"It's an effect of technology moving faster than our ability to develop a good intuition about that technology."

This is why Bruce Schneier is Bruce Schneier:

I too read the original article he is referring to (at http://worsethanfailure.com/Articles/Security-by-Letterhead.aspx ), a few days ago. I too had a good laugh at the idea that a letterhead is any measure of security, and thought to myself that people who do not know technology as well as we do are forever going to be digging themselves into holes like this one.

But it takes a Bruce to analyse it in such a crisp and concise way, yet pack much more meaning into his analysis than I ever could.

This is not because he knows English better than I do (although that may well be true too). It is because he has been thinking about security a lot more deeply than I, or indeed pretty much anyone outside of deepest academia, has been doing.

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