(MBA) 3 letters to hell -- Masters of the Business Apocalypse

The best thing I learnt today: that George W Bush had an MBA from Harvard -- he is in fact the only US president to have an MBA, thus proving forever that MBAs (at least from Harvard) are worse than lawyers from anywhere. All lawyer jokes shall henceforth be treated with the following perl recipe:

perl -i -e 's/lawyer/Harvard MBA/gi'


other expansions of "MBA" from http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/education/article5821706.ece :

Mediocre But Arrogant
Mighty Big Attitude
Me Before Anyone
Management By Accident


One quote from the article reflects what I have been saying all along, that MBAs are not taught ethics.

During my time at the school, 50 students were chosen to participate in a detailed survey of their development. Scott Snook, the professor who ran it, reported that about a third of students were inclined to define right and wrong simply in terms of what everyone else was doing. "They can't really step back and take a critical view," he said. "They're totally defined by others and by the outcomes of what they're doing."
When I asked someone how the dean of ISB would explain to his students why he voted the way he did on Dec 16th or thereabouts, the answer I got "what's to explain? The word 'Ethics' starts with a Z in the MBA dictionary...". (I'm not telling you who said this to me; he was not an MBA anyway)


A personal note. A few people I personally love very much are MBAs. You know who you are. You (and I) know what your job is and that it is nothing remotely like the stuff described in that article.

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