python moves to Hg (surprise!)

No surprise, but here's has a real surprise:

quote: As git proponent, I had placed some comments in the usage scenarios explaining what was happening, and got a *lot* of pushback.  The basic workflow should involve *no* thought *at all*, that was a common position.  Even comments on theory of operation are a bad sign.  The closer the workflow scenarios approximated "no change in thinking" (== no thought at all in the ideal), the better.  People didn't even care to find out if it *was* complex, the mere scent of complexity put them off.
wow...!  Why even bother to convert from SVN then?  As someone who's trying to propagate git in $DAYJOB, I can understand this sort of reaction, but from a FOSS project?

And I didn't see a rebuttal of this post in the rest of the thread either...

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