an agnostic's delight


read the whole thing, but the following was really nice:

Seriously though, species who hold on to religion past its sell-by date tend to be most likely to self destruct. They spend so much energy arguing about my true nature, and invest so much emotion in their wildly erroneous imagery that they end up killing each other over differences in definitions of something they clearly haven't got a clue about. Ludicrous behaviour, but it does weed out the weaklings.
And even though he speaks of "killing each other", I'm not just thinking about the terrorists here. You'll find such people, albeit with far less damage potential, much closer to home than you think. In your family. At work. They're bloody everywhere. All religions seem to be subject to such stupidity, although only a few carry it to extremes.

The next couple of paras after this are very funny, though I can't help feeling the author either caved in to the PC brigade or got scared of a fatwa ;-)

All in all, a very fun read...

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