fake job acceptance letters

I just heard of a spate of fake job acceptance letters being sent out in the name of TCS, as well as many other large and small IT companies in India.  Typical phishing-type mails, all sorts of promises, bad spelling and grammar, and a "fee" for the "process" (not exact words; but then do the exact words matter?)

I spoke to a few guys here and there, turns out it's happening to many companies, and quite a few people are getting duped, then filing police complaints.

A friend and I were talking, and he says: "I can understand if a blue-collar worker gets duped looking for a job in Dubai.  But these guys are supposed to have bachelors or masters degrees, often in some branch of Engineering or Science!"

I agree.  My question to anyone who got duped by these guys is: were you *so* desperate for a job that you stopped thinking?


Pritam Barhate said...


>> My question to anyone who got duped by these guys is: were you *so* desperate for a job that you stopped thinking?<<

Yes quite a few guys in India are that desperate for jobs. And yes most of these have degrees in engineering and science still they got duped. Because most of the people aren't coming to computers because they have passion for computing, but because that is where jobs are.

People will do anything for jobs, some work for 6 months to a year for free just for that experience letter, others accept fate and go for 'paid' experience where they for being given chance to work on 'real world' projects.

It's India and it was always strange!

BTW found your blog through Gitolite. Configured my first ever git server with Gitolite and loved it. Thanks for such a wonderful tool!

And by the way I use both a Macbook Pro and an iPad. :)

sitaramc said...

thanks for the kind words on gitolite. It's my first open source project and I'm kinda thrilled so many people are using it and enjoying it!

as for the apple thing... ah well I have friends who use it too; just that they're all either very arty/right-brain or very non-techie or both.